Assorted Old Man Cacti - 3.5"

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Hair. Long, beautiful hair. These “old men” need not be concerned about their hair ever falling out, for the woolly hairs on these old man cacti are a defining, purposeful attribute. It’s thought that the hairs provide protection from the intense UV to which these high-elevation mountain dwellers are exposed. Besides shading the stem, the hairs appear to be a means for collecting moisture in native habitats that are not only very high up but also quite dry. The collection offers excellent texture, color, and quality. And hair. Behind that woolly beauty are sharp spines, so keep that in mind when handling. Assortments change weekly, based on availability.

This tray will include 18 3.5" plants.

  • Product Size
  • Product Soil Preference
    Soil Preference:Porous
  • Product Shade Preference
    Shade Preference:Low
  • Product Bloom Time
    Bloom Time:Varies
  • Product Water Preference
    Water Preference:Low
  • Product Hardiness Zone
    Hardiness Zone:Various
  • Product Pet Safety
    Pet Safety:Not Safe


Part of what makes succulents so fascinating are the myriad ways they express themselves throughout the year, depending on light, season, temperature, soil, and hydration. For those and other reasons, the plants you receive may not look exactly as they appear on our website.

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